People considering annuities as a long term investment must be able to choose from several different types to find the one that best suits their own financial profile. While annuities of all types share many common features and characteristics, such as tax deferral, withdrawal provisions, guaranteed death benefits, and guaranteed income, they differ greatly in […]

The financial meltdown of 2008 launched a flight to safety that saw billions of dollars move from plummeting mutual funds into safe, fixed yield investments such as CD’s and annuities. Investors who saw their 401(k) plans cut in half in just a few months quickly turned to wealth preservation vehicles in order to protect their […]

Due, in large part, to stock market volatility and the continued uncertainty of the economy, annuity sales are seeing resurgence as more people shift towards a “capital preservation” mentality. A good portion of the outflows from stock and bond mutual funds have been finding their way into fixed annuities as havens from the chaos and […]